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How does a person learn good aikido without a good lineage? I doubt the dude is O-sensei and can make the stuff up. Possible, but not likely.
Make it up? Hardly
Once again
Ueshiba studied 23 years under his one and only long term teacher, Takeda Sokaku of Daito ryu (that's the guy who really was the genius who made all this stuff up).
When Ueshiba decided to teach and open his first dojo he taught...Daito ryu for the next 15 years.
All of your first generation of prewar aikido greats, were actually students of Daito ryu.
Ueshiba changed the waza a bit (all Aikido waza are easily recognized as Daito ryu)
Changed the ukemi
and a committee invented a term for what he was doing "," the way of aiki.
He liked it, he kept the name
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