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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
Ken, have you considered simply contacting Saotome and passing on your concerns about how so many of his high ranking people here are hanging out with Dan? I understand he (Saotome) will be teaching in Florida in December.

For the life of me I can't understand why you're getting so worked up about this here. Obviously, if you're correct, a whole lot of the very highest ranked folk here are doing stuff that is in direct violation of Saotome's teachings. If that's the case you should probably be speaking privately with the powers that be.

Of course the other option would be that maybe there is more subtlety here than your understanding of Saotome's words will allow.

Regardless, as a fella happily *not* involved with your group, it does look like you are valiantly trying to defend what you take to be the orthodoxy of your sensei. Maybe you should toss these concerns up the chain of command and let them deal with it in a quieter, more professional manner.

Honestly, untwist those knickers and let the folk who are in charge know about it. Then maybe they can provide some clarity on the issue for all involved.

But... I got no dog in this one. Carry on.

ditto. This guy is not even a direct student of Saotome Sensei and thinks that he knows enough about what Saotome Sensei says and does so as to defend his teacher's honor? I haven't seen such a clueless, hanging out of dirty/clean laundry in quite some time.... Kind of like driving by that accident on the side of the road....

Knowing Dan and some of Saotome Sensei's deshi personally, it is kind of amusing seeing how badly things can be distorted to fit someone's ill-defined, personal agenda.

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