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Re: So I started the solo exercises...

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On top of that, intent, while a mental exercise, needs to be manifesting in the body as a trained response . . which is why the conditioning is so important to build the connections to allow this to happen . . therefore allowing the mind to lead the qi . .
Hmm...I think that is VERY true, exceedingly so, but there are also latent qualities in your body that get burned in and are part of you. They become both present and active -without thought- as well. There are times when guys are trying to throw me and things happen very fast without thought, or they may be striking with a weapon, but it is the body conditioning they run into, other times there is thought involved, but there again the cancellation and entries feel more like autopilot at times since the spirals are constant and I am just moving and things sometimes just take care of themselves. IOW, the overall body conditioning and movement naturally creates effects on contact, which at speed, ...just happen, while I am focusing on other things which may pop up.

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