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Re: Aikido and Judo/jujitsu

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Hello everybody , i practice Aikido for a year. i have 2 questions.
Aikido as a martial art has Thousands of techniques and it delivers from jujitsu.i was wondering if contains grappling(newaza) and submission moves , if not why is that so ? if yes why they are rarely showned.
I have seen people using atemi and i know that the art contains all kind of atemi(kick knees punch elbow).i understand that we should not use them all the time but why they dont teach us how to strike rightly.
sorry about my english
There is no newaza in Aikido. You have to think back to what ju-jitsu was originally for which was a way of using minor weapons like the tanto, yoroi doshi, kodatchi close in and on a battlefield.
Put simply there isn't much newaza because newaza with a weapon doesn't tend to go on for very long, someone gets killed pretty quickly.
Why mount someone and go for a submission when you can just stab him? Why get into complex ground work when all you need to do is trap his sword arm long enough to draw your weapon or his and kill him with it?

Plus every second you're on the ground is another second for your opponents friend to kill you.

And the same lessons are true today. Do you want to be rolling around on the floor with a man with a knife? Are his friends going to stand back and see who wins or are they going to be using you as a kick bag?

So that's why newaza as we know it today wasn't really a part of ju-jitsu and so it never got passed on to Aikido.

As for atemi it's not often done in my organisation and I think that might be the case generally, so it's seldom treated as an important thing.

I realise I've made a few generalisations about koryu ju-jitsu but hopefully everyone can see what I'm getting at.

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