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John Carter
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Nihon Goshin Aikido Dojo Visit

I am the sensei from the Nihon Goshin dojo Colleen visited. I do remember the work out when she was lifted and the attacker forgot a heel to the groin or a rear head butt might slow him down a little. As far as how Nihon Goshin Aikido is perceived, well I have heard positive and negative. Our art is not well known, so a person may see one practicioner or one video and then make a judement from that. Personally, I have heard great things from Aikido-ka from many different styles (Colleen for example) who have visited my school while traveling and have left with new information and a positive take on our system. However am I a small part of our association and the only influence I have are over my students and a handful of occasional visitors. My advice is to support your dojo and sensei and ensure you do everything possible to make Nihon Goshin Aikido an effective, positive, and well received martial art.


John Carter
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