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Re: Re: Re: Anti-Aiki

Originally posted by Sid
Someone needs to send steve a nice aikidcard, showing osensei blending, methinks.

No need to go crazy on a forum - it is Aikiweb. Why the heck do we need to fight?
Sorry to wander away off topic here, but..

Steve's response wasn't in any way abusive, he just got straight to the point in a refreshingly direct, pithy kind of a way. Let me add my "me too" to Steves post here, and furthermore..

--rant begins--

It really gets up my nose when people bleat "Aikido is all about blending, so why aren't you just meekly agreeing with everything thats said."

Utter bollocks.

This is a forum for discussion, and if you can't handle a discussion in which people express their point of view then stay away.

Theres a distinct whiff of hipocrasy about levelling an entirely unneccessary personal criticism against someone because you feel they are too confrontational. If you can't tell the difference between an exchange of views on an internet forum and a bar-room brawl you have serious problems with reality.

Aikido has atemi as well as blending, and a slap in the mush can also be 'aiki'. If my harsh words hurt you, GET A GRIP! Its just a bunch of text on a computer screen for goodness sake.

--rant ends--

Have a nice day.


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