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This might be off-topic, but I would like to point out 2 points:

1. There are definitely many common techniques between Aikido and other Aiki-Jutsu arts for the simple reason that they have common origins. However, the application of these techniques and the way they are inintiated, and the purpose of learning the art altogether are different. I know several Aikidoka who practiced Aiki-Jutsu styles in the US and Canada, and their style can be described at least as "brutal" (they agree and are proud of this description..., Aikidoka are usually described as sissies by Aiki-Jutsuka... ) .

2. Aikido and all other Aiki- and Ju-Jutsu arts would have been long forgotten were it not for the "marketing" genius of 2 extraordinary men: Gozo Shioda Sensei at first and then Kisshomaru Doshu who get the credit for making Aikido known worldwide. We see now that even Daito-Ryu give the credit to Aikido for keeping the tradition alive, and their latest book is titled: "The origin of Aikido". The florishing of so many Aiki-Jutsu schools nowadays wouldn't have been thinkable were it not for Aikido.

I am sure all practitioners of Aiki-Jutsu and Ju-Jutsu are welcome in this forum by all members. No one has ever discriminated, but you have to admit these are different arts. It's like having Kung-Fu practitioners blaming Karate members for discriminating against them in their forum even though both are striking arts and Karate came from China and probably was developed from Kung-Fu originally.


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