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Thanks all!

Hi again. First of all I would like to thank everyone for a warm welcome. You all remind me of the first time I stepped into the dojo.

I'll try to answer each one of you. Hope this post doesn't run too long.
Some teachers have no problem with students visiting other dojos and teachers. I don't think it would be disloyal to simply ask your sensei if he/she would mind if you trained at the other dojo as well. If sensei says "no," than you have a loyalty issue to deal with.
Honestly, I wouldn't know how my CI would react if I trained in the other dojo at the same time. Although he's an all round great guy, it doesn't look promising.
I personally feel people learn better if they have multiple teachers (as long as the styles are not VASTLY different). One teacher can teach certain things better than others.
IMO my CI is a very good instructor. I learned a lot of things from him, some not even related to aikido.

I did visit the new dojo btw, didn't talk to anyone, just stood outside and observed. The CI of that affiliation wasn't the one conducting the class. This particular instructor I saw was a little hurried in his method of instruction.
My take on the situation is, why does ranking matter?
As I've already mentioned, I'm not concerned about rank. When I was training, I did it

diligently. I was always going over a technique until I could do it smoothly and with little effort.

I've seen students , both junior and senior, who only show up when grading is around the corner just to attain the belt. They would appear stiff when executing the movements and stumble all over their partners. I have no

doubt that even after 7 long years without practice, I wouldn't be too out of place when I step back on the dojo. So belt/rank to me is not a fair reflection of the practioner.

I've decided to serialize this so part 2 is in the next post
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