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Starting again

Hi, I'm new to the forum but not new to Aikido. Just like to get some input/advice from forum users.

I started Aikido about 12 years ago. Got my 1st kyu about 5 years later (was missing twice for a few months in between for personal reasons). I was close to my Shodan grading when I had to stop altogether (jobless for a few months, then got a job closer to home, which is far from the dojo -
my previous job was closer)

I stopped training because the trip to and fro would take up a lot of time. Furthermore, I was given more responsibilities like opening the dojo and assisting, even conducting some classes for the lower grades. My CI was grooming me to be an assistant instructor. I couldn't possibly take up the responsiblity and not be able to fulfill it. Worse still I could barely make it in time for my own class which started later.

Now things have changed and I am thinking about starting again after about 7 years. But I have another problem. There is another dojo that has just opened near my home and they teach a different style of aikido, which to be honest, I am quite keen to try. I do not want to reveal which styles my previous dojo and this new dojo are because the users here might be swayed and suggest according to which styles they are in.

My question is, should I stick to my previous dojo and try to attain my Shodan or start all over again at the new dojo? It's not about rank but I'm torn between my loyalty to my previous sensei/dojo and training in a different style + proximity/convenience.

One more thing, just out of curiosity. If I had not stopped training, what do you reckon my rank would be?

Thanks everyone.

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