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Mario Tobias
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Re: Kotegaeshi, help please

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The thing is - as I see it - aikido dosen't really work unless uke is comitted to the attack, and that situation is just impossible to reproduce outside of the dojo unless it is an actual fight.

I've got different view on this one. The thing is one of the most difficult goals in aikido IMO is to make aikido work even with a non-committed partner. Saying such, I only really know the tip of the iceberg of what aikido has to offer. The beauty with this art is that sometimes it borders on the magical. You just get surprised you suddenly can do neat tricks after a few decades practice without understanding why and how you can do this. IMHO, we should not limit ourselves only to what we think are the possibilities with this art but seek what the art to really has to offer even though we think it impossible at first.
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