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Nick Simpson wrote:
The jitsu foundation over here do a very interesting thing called the V formaton where tori stands in front of about 6 or 7 uke in a v formation (duh) and they each have a different weapon including bats, chains, knifes, bottles, swords. very interesting to watch.
I used to be part of said Jitsu foundation, and did that too. The same thing is done in Bujinkan Ninjutsu.

As for what weapons I've practiced in classes with (not all in Aikido classes)... Bokken, katana, jo, bo, hanbo, tanto, sai, nunchaku, manriki gusari, bottles (plastic), broken bottles (again, plastic, this time cut in half), clubs.

[edit]I'd really like to learn to use a spear though; if only because O Sensei did, and from the idea of keeping oneself inside a revolving sphere of protection outlined by the tip of the spear[/edit]
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