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Marc Abrams
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Re: Obama Cult of Personality

John Hogan wrote: View Post
I think everyone here should be appalled at what that school is teaching the kids. Not only appalled, but afraid. To sing songs glorifying the leader smacks of schools in North Korea or any other communist country. This should piss you off whether it is singing about Obama or Bush.

At the present time, I am neither appalled or afraid. If this were to become part of a school districts stated plans or the US department of education's stated plans, then I will be genuinely upset.

What I am upset with are the school districts in this country, that were supported both overtly and covertly by the last administration, in instituting "Creationism" into the schools as some kind of competing scientific theory to evolutionism. Spending money on soundly dis-proven religious beliefs being taught to our typically poorly educated youth is beyond the pale of reason.

I would rather deal with genuine issues that effect the education of our children, rather than the enthusiasm of some that ends up as extolling the current president.

Marc Abrams