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Mike Sigman
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Re: Obama Cult of Personality

David Henderson wrote: View Post

Thanks for being a voice of sanity. Notice how some people continue to predict civil uprising and civil war because the right no longer has a strangle hold on the nation, despite the lack of a shred of credible evidence that anything like that is even remotely on the horizon? Notice how they don't call you pathetic, but just insult your understanding of history because you haven't sampled the revisionist koolaid from the National Review? Notice how superior they assure you they are in comparison to yourself because they don't put people down? Notice how, they throw around assertions no respectable historian would tolerate in order to make outlandish comparisons based on scraps of news supported by no more than cites to right-wing ideological sites?

All of that might concern you; but don't worry they're only interested in the truth. And they do it all with a smile and a wink.

Lessee.... "revisionist koolaid... superior... insult... assertions no respectable historian... outlandish...". Why not add "child molester", procrastinator, and a host of other terms if all you're going to do is smear by innuendo, David? If you simply want to avoid any discussion of the topic and smear me personally, why not just start another thread?

Mike Sigman