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Basia Halliop
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Re: Obama Cult of Personality

Well, I'm not American, and as such I found the Republicans horrible and frightening and had hoped and prayed for Obama to win. I support him about 5 million percent over the previous administration...

BUT... I completely agree about the cult of personality.

I don't follow American politics enough to see who's driving it (is it actually the presidents office? democrats in general? some of it seemed to have started with parts of the black community?), but from here it seems excessive and unhealthy and also like it will hurt him in the long run (expectations are just too high -- there's little chance a mortal human can live up to them).

On the other hand, I've always, since I was a child looked at the American attitude to their elected representatives with some confusion -- presidents always seemed to me to be treated and spoken of more like a medieval king (i.e., almost reverantly when people speak of them, with an almost unimaginable to me amount of pomp and circumstance and power and religious-seeming awe ) than like anything I associated with a democracy... I have heard things I found pretty much equally weird and creepy as this about each president in my lifetime, so I don't actually know if this is actually all that different than usual or just one of those 'crazy American things that I'll never really understand because I didn't grow up there'...

But I do find the whole Obamamania thing pretty weird and over the top, even while I like and support the guy. I don't think noticing that there's a huge cult of personality requires you to be particularly right wing or particularly paranoid.

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