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Origin Go Shin No kata weapons

Hey folks,

I was recently wondering - Exactly where did Tomiki get the concept for the particular techniques that make up the weapons work of the Go Shin No Kata (Koryu Dai San)? Especially the paired bokken kata, did it come from Koryu, modern kendo, Ueshiba M.'s Aiki-ken?

Also for the Dai San techniques using Yari against an unarmed attacker? Is the origin Koryu, modern bayonet, Aiki-Jo from Ueshiba M. or something else?

I know Tomiki was very well studied in a vast array of concepts in Japanese Budo and its history. I can see the links between the Nage and Randori no Kata in Aikido and the Judo Nage no kata and other kata. So there tends to be a link between his Aikido-based katas and other Budo who may exemplify the same concepts in a different manner. In other words, there is a logic to the techniques shown in Tomiki's katas that can often be found in other Japanese Budo.

So I was wondering if anyone knew exactly where the weapons work in the Kory Dai San actually came from.


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