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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Ted i think you have it backward as i understand it Tohei wanted to "add" all kinds of ki exercises and remove certain waza (which is what has happened in ki society)... we do the hop when appropriate and it is apporpriate when done...;-P

Clark, right on about politics and human nature... i just hoped aikidoka were a little more evolved... i used the US as an illustration not as a model

Mary i am NOT suggesting a standard curriculum that all MUST adopt, but rather an agreed core that can be added to but not abridged... Takemusu Aiki... don't we all do ikkyo?

Lyle as a poor ronin aikidoka i do NOT want to pay more dues, but i believe there should be some control of WHO gets to claim the authority to teach aikido

James i see your point but is fraud a constitutional right... It is illegal to claim to be a lawyer or a doctor(medical) or law officer if you are not... there are limits to freedom of speech...

Michael these questions have not taken care of themselves in the years since the split... and the saying about evil triumphing when good men do nothing jumps to mind... aikido is about fighting and training and that happens on and off the mat and is both physical and spiritual... do we allow the spirit to be tarnished because we don't care or think it is too diffucult(impossible seems to be the general consensus!)

I agree that there is only one aikido with many ways of teaching and approaching it...prospective students should do research, but what authority is there to appeal to for information?

I hereby proclaim myself 11th dan of the unified aikido movement (trademarked!) you are all under my jurisdiction now and will be assimilated... resistance is futile...;-))

Edwin Neal

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