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Re: Towards a unified Aikido ?

Edwin Neal wrote:
... and we do the "Tohei hop" sometimes... one must be flexible in how a technique can be applied...
But do you know when to do it and why you're doing it? That's the real test.
Edwin Neal wrote:
ps the original "split" happened after Osensei's passing and was between Tohei and K. Ueshiba... the united states are a collection of differing organizations (states) united by commonalities... why can't aikido be similar...
The original split was really not just K. Tohei vs K. Ueshiba. Koichi Tohei wanted to standardize Aikido (sound familiar?). Other senior instructors felt that this would eliminate their individual styles of Aikido. Because they had studied with the founder like K. Tohei, they believed their styles of Aikido to be just as valid as anything Tohei would come up with.

To use the US analogy, it seems to me that now Aikikai is more like the Confederate States of America rather than the USA. There are Aikikai groups that do not want to associate with anyone - including those from Aikikai.

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