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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 19

Thank you for your comments Professor
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PAG. The two most recent visits from Aikiweb members did not involve aikido training. Instead we had dinner in a restaurant.
I'm sure either would have been an honour if you'd have had me, and I'd have submitted to a nikkyo by way of apology for contradicting you so many times on Aikiweb! In any case, I was ‘on duty' the whole time and getting away from my group would have been very difficult. We did Okunoshima, Hiroshima City and Miyajima in three days.
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PAG. Did you find out the word for vacuum cleaner bags by going to the English-language section of the local bookstore? It is not clear to me whether you are referring to tourists or longer term residents, who have visas and alien registration cards.
I hadn't made it as far as the bookstore by that point and was mainly bodging together what little Japanese I could remember. When I was shown the bookstore, I think another point relevant to this part of the discussion is that I noticed a lot of the books available were critical of Japanese culture, such as "Dogs and Demons" by Alex Kerr "Speed Tribes" by Karl Greenfeld as well books on "Dirty Japanese" and other controversial works that local Japanese people have actually complained about including "Making out in Japanese" by Todd and Erika Greers. As for tourists or longer term residents; you mentioned "foreigners who visit" in the original article, but I think longer term residents and even local Japanese people are just as relevant.
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PAG. As I mentioned in my response to Josh Reyer, I do have very detailed statistics on foreign residents of Hiroshima City and Hiroshima Prefecture
It probably would be worth putting those stats to good use when using the contents of a bookstore to back up a theory like this. For one thing, it seems that if you are right then these bookstores are stocking their shelves based merely upon what they assume people want to (or even should) read rather than using properly researched business plans or sales figures. I'd include my own bookshelf with the ones Josh described, so even if they are going on assumption, it would appear to be a correct one.


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