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Re: How do you take a step in Aikido?

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While the IS I am talking about was most certainly developed in non-industrialized societies, you might want to talk to people like Phi, who practice the type of IS that I do but who grew up in non-industrialized societies and have stated openly that heavy manual labor does not develop that specific skill set.
nope! don't talk to people like phi. the bugger only knows how to eat and drink and be merry (as soon as i find out who the hell merry was i'd kick the bugger to kingdom come!). folks like us are not well educated farmers and such. we know nothing about IS and wouldn't dream of discussing it. as far as stepping goes, we just step as needed and sometimes not even take a step at all. one should be able to take step(s) in any direction without reset/preset. one thing i learned from wading hips deep in the mud was that launching from back foot would sink you deeper in the mud. i found that it was much easier to hold on to a water buffalo tail and let it dragged you across the mud which save you energy and gave you a good mud bath which really good for your skin and all. incidentally, the easiest way to walk through mud is doing the sanchin steps.
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