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Re: How do you take a step in Aikido?

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I agree completely, although I would suggest expanding the description of dantien/center/how to take a step in aikido to include not just medical terms but also terms which do not require medical training or background. This is exactly what I am saying we need to do in aikido.
You don't need medical training or background to understand how the body is structured, just a desire to have an accurate understanding.

Is it easier to understand what Ki is than how bones, muscles, connective tissue, etc work? I can show you a picture of these things but not Ki. I can lead you to the people whose work is understanding how the body works with hands on experience (literally). They can give a concrete physical description of how it works. The trick is to keep the description simple.

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The problem is finding people who want to try to do just this in aikido. The majority of this type of discussion has been relegated to the part of Aikiweb entitled "Non-aikido martial traditions." It would seem that some (many? certain?) people in aikido do not want this type of discussion, and are much happier or more comfortable with the vague or metaphysical or philosophical or whatever responses that we see in some of the other posters in your thread. Perhaps it is time to begin a serious solicitation for this type of discussion on Aikiweb, in the main forums and not in some dark and dusty corner.
The "Non-Aikido Traditions" is because the people leading those discussions are outside Aikido. When the non-Aikido people jump in and dominate a thread, you can bet that at some time the thread will most likely be closed.
If these discussions were led by people in Aikido using Aikido examples of what they are talking about then maybe the discussions would be mainstream.

Lets hear from some of the people in Aikido who can relate what they have learned ( as far as IS is concerned) to Aikido.

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You see, David, none of us doing IS have all the answers.
We are all doing IS.
IS is already in Aikido.
IS is a part of the human anatomy.
IS is a physical ability that in modern society is not as developed because of the work and life styles of modern times do no require it.


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