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Re: what to teach 8 yr old?

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
We teach children from very young to late teens. We teach the kids class like an adult's basics class with warm-ups, then ukemi and footwork/ aiki exercises for the first half hour then depending on the class we will teach 2 to 3 techniques. We then will conclude with either a game like shikko soccer or dodge ball or they do 1-2-3 push over for the young ones and seated kokyu for the more advanced or older children.

We start the kids out at 10th kyu, and by the time they reach 6th kyu they have a wide knowledge of different techniques from ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, kotegaeshi, iriminage, kokyunage, tenchinage, etc. The tenkan, irimi and tenshin kokyunage throws are the first techniques we teach them then they progress upwards.

Children have an amazing capacity to learn aikido and are fearless in their ukemi, it's just up to the adults to be patient and keep them focused. Some of our teens have been training longer than me, over 5 years, and their basics are incredible and better than most adults.
thanx for sharing your info ma'am very much appreciated.
Anne Marie Giri wrote:
As a woman I find it insulting to think that people still have the attitude that women's reproductive organs will be damaged by physical and sport activities. It has been a reason since the Victorian era until the late 1950's and early 1960's to keep the women in the home. I have done hard activities in my youth from swim team and Tae Kwon Do and my reproductive organs have not suffered. Please, that belief is old and outdated.
that's rude granting you dont consider cultural background then this advise. yes i know lots of europians and i know how they raise thier child and some would find it very harsh. but i love my girls that much and to this reply is insulting. AND I DONT IMPLY OF MAKING MY GIRLS LOWER THAN BOYS. WHAT A SUGGESTION. I'M A FIGHTER OF WOMANS RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its countries having pro-abortions rights and lots of bloody phedophiles you should give this OLD AND OUTDATED SERMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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