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Re: what to teach 8 yr old?

im sorry but i didn't mean that about anyones reproduct..organ..
yes i believe that its no joking matter.
what i meant was continues falling from a young age(even not high) would damage kidneys and perhaps i'm affraid to my young girls reproductive organ w/ continues falling practice.
lets say a girl from 10 til 30yrs old of constant practice on falling like judo would have a diffinite damage to her pregnancy(majority causing ectopic preg). medical research on women competing on judo research has made this.
so my stand as a long aikido practitioner is to limit falling practice at this age because even w/ a knowlegable instructor youngsters should practice throws and less on falls(except roll).

so i ask what technique they could aprreciate?(not falling or rolling but techniques)
pls. read my first post because im not good in english.
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