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Re: Why people don't like Aikikai?

Dear All,
While I accept that the Aikikai may not be perfect and fails to address some issues I think the problem nowadays [at least in my experiences] is that there is too much political stuff going on between different groups.I have always believed in keeping an open door to anyone be they Aikikai /non Aikikai related. Recently I had occasion to make an enquiry about another non Aikikai groups Summer School.I received a message saying sorry we are sorry my presence would not be acceptable at the groups event.I wish to state that both the organizations Principal and one Senior member had on numerous occasions been guests at our events.The same applies at local level. There is little cross training /meeting with Aikikai /non Aikikai dojo in my area.I think some instructors want or need to be viewed as big fish in little pools. As far as Aikido unifying people is concerned I think this is a myth.Aikido is not to blame, its the petty , small minded, egocentric guys who perpetuate this situation.Rather than spend time and effort regarding the Hombu failings ,maybe we should try and attend to business closer to home.?Cheers, Joe
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