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Josh Astridge
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Re: Has Aikido ever helped you in a real fight?

Hi guys, new member from NZ here.

Been an Aikidoka for about 1 month.

There was once instance where a person who had a problem with me (for sticking up to him for my girlfriend, typical teenage shit).

He ran up to me and barged me so that I'd fall on the concrete and hurt myself badly, luckily i was learning how to properly Ukemi/backward ukemi at the time and managed to pull off a proper breakfall/roll.

I got up and he came at me in a typical boxer stance, one arm extended out slightly further and went to throw a punch.

I entered to him, pushing the punch down (earth) an pushed the extended arm up (heaven) and proceeded to direct my weight foward.

This actually caused him to fall to the ground (I never used to think Aikido would work until I was more skilled) and his right arm was left up. I walked it, grabbed it and guided him onto his belly, and just held him in a pin until he calmed down (i was twisting his arm to the point of pain, but not major pain).

The situation stopped the confrontation and now he doesn't try to mess with me.

I guess we put the 'harm' in harmony right?

I'm just glad I was able to stop this without relying on my knowledge of Tae Kwon Do or Kyokushin-Karate (which i try not to use).

So i don't know if this counts.

-Aikido Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
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