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Re: Has Aikido ever helped you in a real fight?

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
Just want to address these two points, if after two years of training im still not going to be able to use Aikido as an effective self defence method then i happily admit it is not for me.
Hi Daniel,

Im happy for you that you were able to find what you were looking for in Krav Maga which you couldnt find in Aikido.
There is no point in continuing in Aikido if you do not agree what is being taught.

Too bad though...

not sure if I am allowed to tell you this... >_> <_<
after exactly 3 years in Aikido you will be invited to the
"secret Aikido circle" which is exclusively for people that were
able to withstand the torment of 3 years of useless techniques!
all those ikkyos shihonages and kotegaeshis are just made up
to test your patience!
In the "secret Aikido circle" you are then given a blood-red hakama
and are taught all of the "real" and "deadly" waza.
I cant get into much detail here else I will have the use the
"Aiki no-touch death throw" on you!

...just letting you know what you missed

For real though

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
Aikido as i was trainied, the traditional style, was useless. I found it didnt work. This is what caused me to leave and seek out another art, which was very very very effective after only three months!! now a year and a half on in it, i feel very comfortable.
Aikido has a different focus than most MAs. Most being more of a destructive art, Aikido chooses to be more of a healing art.
It takes more time to be able to heal than to destroy.
The Focus of Aikido is to blend with the attack and to be in complete control of your enemies and your own movement.
This is very difficult and takes a lot of time to learn, but it does give you the option to protect the enemy.
The idea is that you give the enemy the chance to change his mindset towards his attack, instead of cutting him down
(This might sound very religious to you!).

We put most of our mat time into learning how to connect with our opponents instead of destroying them.
This makes Aikido a very modern MA for me. The fighting days are over, its no more "eat or be eaten".
There is no need to destroy our enemies anymore these days.
I agree though that your average Aikido dojo does not effectively teach you how to fight.
If this is the path one is interested in, one can always include this knowledge in his system.
It's just that you won't learn these things in your regular Aikido mat-time. We are busy with other things…

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
Put it simple, put someone who has trained in aikido for five years, against someone who has been training in Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Karate..etc. The outcome would be painful and embaressing.
There is no point into comparing MA with eachother. What would you learn out of this? If Kickboxing guy beats Boxing guy, is Kickboxing better?
What if the boxing guy beats the kickboxing guy with a baseball bat? who is better then???
each MA has different goals and training methods.
for example:
if I were to fight Remy Bonjasky in the K1 finals i definitley would choose to have learned Kickboxing, Karate Muay Thai. Why? cause
they dont allow Throws in K1.

What if was attacked with a knife? Here i would prefer to have Aikido over boxing. Why? If I defend myself with a classic boxing defence I would get my arms cut off. In Aikido I learned how to control his knife hand. Also, I wont be able to grab his knife with my boxing gloves on

kind of pointless isnt it?
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