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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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I get there's no draw back or chambering, but there is still movement at the point where the strike begins (regardless of how much windup), right? In other words, there is still an accelleration of mass into the target mass, even though it starts from contact, right?
everything accelerates forward. i can tell you from uke point of view, since it was done on me. the pressure of nage fist on my skin/body contact point didn't change, then boom me flew into the wall a few feets away and i meant flew as in my feet off the floor kind of flew. the question is how did nage accelerate his mass, without drawing back or chambering of anykind, through a zero distance? took me awhile, as in years, to figure out and have been working on it with some modest success where i can launch myself across the kitchen and grab some coffee.

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