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graham christian
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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Hi Graham,

First, I sincerely hope you do not think I am putting you down - I understand where you are coming from and I respect your position - it is just not mine

Second, I asked that question more to make a point that IMO no matter how hard you try to align yourself with someone to avoid confrontation, there will always be someone that just will not cooperate and they will attack and try to hurt you - at that point, you may need a plan B

Hi Greg. No I don't think you're putting me down and I think we respect each others views.

I was going to answer it in terms of 'can a surfer turn and fight the wave' or can a skydiver turn and fight his parachute?

I think you would get the gist of what I am saying there no?

In light of the statement above though I agree there will always be one so to speak and the answer to that is in the perameters of Ki Aikido as well as mine. Thus it's not so much a plan b as more of a standard operating procedure.

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