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Re: I am the universe

Our DNA is 99.7% identical to that of chimps. It sounded way too similar to me as my biopsychology professor said it, but I often find percentages to be deceptive in general. We seem to have a fascination with them, and I remember a high school teacher drawing a pie chart on the board. He said, "You recognize this type of graph? Garbage!"

The word schizomania is not used in modern psychiatry, and just going by the two roots of the word, it might mean schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, or some of the Axis II personality disorders. What I do know for sure about this word is that it certainly means mental ailment(s) of some type(s). The saying or quote, "[No genius exists without madness]" pertains to Hesse's passage. However, it is clear to me that Hesse is communicating here that mental disorder is disorderly because by choice, most people will not dare fathom themselves even part wolf, part man, let alone accept the truth that we are all naturally "infinacohedrons." I just made up that word (a polyhedron of infinite sides). The vast, terrified majority makes the ones who have discovered the truth seem like the eccentric weirdos. It's a simple matter of "majority must be right," a delusion of the "sane" majority's own. I hope Mr. Hesse is in Heaven right now, watching and loving "The Matrix" for the tenth time.

Ten years ago I had a moment of my whole body shaking out of control, and my mind awakening. Drugs with the ability to cause this were not in my body It was probably rather similar to one of the times it happened to O'Sensei. This may have happened to millions of people throughout history for all I know.

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