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Re: I am the universe

I wish I had known what it was about...for sure I wouldn't have watched it.
It brought me back to a friend of mine. He drove home and left his family in front of the apartment building where they lived to go park the car. In the way between the garage and home he had a stroke and he had to force himself to reach the entrance of the building before collpasing down. He was unconscius to the world, but very conscious in reality, able to hear people talking, feel pain and fell the need of air that he was not able to collect since the lungs didn't work very well. Feeling the pain of a cathader put in and not been able to move or shout, or ask the Dr to do it less painful...

He told us (me and another friends) what he went through and it is horrible...nothing as paradisiac as that video describes.
He died 3 years ago for heart complications, but everytime I remember him, his story comes back to my mind and I shiver to the idea that it could easily happen to me.
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