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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
The question becomes, do you believe that the root of 'aiki' is simply efficient body mechanics or do you believe it is a system of strategies and intents that can be manifest into a recognizable system?
I think it is both. Firstly, I think the child did what we are constantly trying to do, and did so in a 'real' situation. We need to move natuarlly, but the problem here is, we need to learn to move naturally! Maybe we have forgotten what the baby knows. Secondly, we need to train in set ways to develop it into a more powerful and repeatable useable essence.

I think other arts do have aiki, or rather, some people within those other arts have a measure of it, but because they do not name it or aim for it, they do not know what it is, they cannot easuly develop it further, and they have and cannot, of course, pass it on. That is the difference. Aikido names it and aims to acquire it, yet even so, how difficult it is to ... get on track.

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