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Basia Halliop
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Aikido involves human bodies and also involves the laws of physics such as Newton's laws, gravity, etc... small children, lke adults, have human bodies, human brains, and human senses of balance and live in a universe where the laws of physics apply. So I suppose in that sense I can see that Aikido shares some of the same roots... but there are only so many ways a human body can physically move or react. So far I'm really not at all convinced it means all that much if the occasional small child (or adult) happens to twist their arm in a particular direction -- the joints only turn so many ways, so if you wait long enough, I assume you'll probably see most of them.

Toddlers are getting used to their bodies and consiously or unconsiously experimenting with both balance and physical movement. In that sense, I could see the argument that ALL adult physical activities are in some way related to toddler movement.

Like the story about the little girl, though! I like how little kids are willing to experiment and learn for themselves that certain things work.

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