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Thanks for the replies so far. Some more thoughts on the matter and what I'm after.

Video taping practice because you can hear a thousand times that you are leaning too much, but 5 minutes of video will clear up any illusions on the matter.

I keep a dietary/exercise log using a product called Life Form, it takes me less than 5 minutes a day, and tracks exercise, calories consumed, body weight, nutritional information and more. I'm currently looking at the data as a method of structuring a more healthy dietary practice.

Coaches and trainers in most sports keep detailed statistics and measurements on their athletes. This data is used as a measure of growth and as a measure to see where growth is needed. They develop plans for their athletes. Or, the athletes develop plans. Anyway, you get the idea and this isn't necessarily short-term thinking either.

Top grade athletes, in almost every athletic endeavor use weightlifting to some degree. I remember reading for years, this isn't that long ago, that weights would make you muscle bound and detract from your ability. Hmmm, sound familiar to anyone? It's interesting that even long distance runners use weightlifting these days.

Am I triggering anything here? How come we are better Aikidoists by not using modern techniques and tools?
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