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Joyce Lunas
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Re: Geometric Proofs

Joseph Arriola wrote: View Post
When I was in Athens, I told my seminar students "I have come to teach you Greek Martial Arts". They mistakenly thought I was being paid to teach them joint locks, throws and self defense.

I was really there to teach them the mechanics of leverage, angles, and centrifical and gravitational forces as it applied to connecting to one's opponent. Hence Greek Martial Arts...

Today, given 20 million martial arts practitioners, there are lots of opinions. Lots of people look for shortcuts. This is a good thing, but, only if you can add and subtract. Lots of people "jump to conclusions. They make assumptions when they should be looking "to prove" their statements. This too is nonetheless a good thing. It gives the rest of us an opportunity to challenge the hypothesis and to "demand proof".

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
Hi Joseph, WHEN were you here, in Greece? Nobody told me at the dojo you were visiting...

Yes, lots of ppl are looking for an 'easy way out of probs" but i tend to be more resilient because only lately have i come to understand the multiple layers of thoughts on thoughts and esoteric hindrances ppl tend to build up in order to protect themselves.
Martial arts, on the other hand, have to have rules. That's a given. A lot of accidents could result from a leisurely type of behaviour in any given dojo around the globe if you don't pay attention.

The mechanics of leverage etc., you say. Hm... interesting thought. I myself happen to be an avid fan of Pythagoras' geometrical axioms and so on and i would be more than eager to listen to what you have to say on these two really interesting pursuits (i.e. Aikido + Geometry).

Should you wish to enlighten me, i'm all ears, my friend

Be well,
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