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Re: Article: Ikkyo, Nikyo, and Sankyo as Geometric Principles by Ross Robertson

Sindhudweep Sarkar wrote:
Very interesting article.

If yonkyo is indeed rotation then it represents another degree of freedom. Degrees of freedom (at least in chemistry and physics) represent how different atoms within molecules can move, and are a major component of the concept of specific heat. Degrees of freedom may encompass your idea of different kinds of movement. I guess the analogy would be atoms = joints, and bones are molecular bonds.

I always thought Jujinage was both morphological and descriptive, since juji also means cross, and the forearms are crossed on the technique, kind of like a Juji gatame or the various juji jime.
Yes. These days I am looking at how energy states in our waza manifest as physical morphologies. Attack energy can perturb a system, and our bodies respond with changes analogous to electron valences. Too often we allow ourselves to get stuck in a higher energy state, rather than looking for the open pathway that will allow the energy to naturally settle of its own accord. Energy always wants to go to ground, but we often try to force it there unnaturally, thereby increasing the energy state rather than reducing it.

Very fun stuff.

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