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Re: Old O'Sensei video.

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No thought is required to move like that.
You miss the entire model and idea behind Mushin.
Some day you might want to ask yourself why virtualy all of the higher level arts have extensive solo training. Including both of the gentlemen you just mentioned. That training, if it is worth anything at all, changes the way your body moves and responds. Educated and sharp martial artists can spot connection, and the differences, a mile away.

Tohei's Aikido is his. Ueshiba's aikido is Ueshiba's akido. No 2 people are alike.
Ueshiba moved a certain way and Tohei another. There is a reason why that is deeper than..."each man's aikido is his." I can and have explained the difference and why. The root is their model. They did NOT train the same way.
Mind/body is an axium, a very detailed and exhaustive training regimen thousands of years old. It produced giants who followed it's rewarding disciplines. And those disciplines produced individual expressions. Our movement echos our cannot be avoided. All that we know, is in our hands.

Ueshiba not only had an extensive solo regimen he talked about it and its shared pedagogy in the Asian arts. With the higher level artists it changed the way they thought and thus the way they moved.


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