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Re: Moving with your center

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
Doesn't O-sensei mean Great teacher?

偉大な秘密キーパー ???

As far as Tohei sensei goes, my opinion is that those 4 principles Tohei sensei describes are much better thought of as "principles of validation" than "principles of implementation".

I have experienced so many people trying to "extend ki" in a way that is just stupid in terms of martial arts. If he said something like: "expand intent in six directions all at once such that you are able to support the spirals you create while engaged with attacks" - it would be a bit more helpful to me...

Great Teacher, indeed it does. That does show what great esteem he was held in over and above the norm. However if you find and research and hear peoples accounts of WHEN he got angry it was almost always to do with when students were not understanding what he was trying to get across or indeed sticking to it in action.

All caring teachers will have experienced this and find it is actually them being angry with themself for they want everyone to understand straight away. They have so much to share their own frustration with the time it takes others to understand tends to get to them sometimes.

As far as Toheis principles go then I'm glad you preceded it by 'my opinion'. I assume that you do some style that emphasises six directions etc. Maybe Tomiki? Anyway whatever it is I wish you well.

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