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graham christian
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Re: Moving with your center

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Your level of understanding "astounds" me! Unfortunately, you missed teaching Dan last time he was down the street from you. Luckily for you, he will be back in your neighborhood in the near future. You should extend an invitation to him to attend one of your classes so that he can learn about his failures and lack of understanding. Please video tape that class and post on Youtube.

Marc Abrams
Are you astounded Marc? Fair enough.

The statement I made remains true no matter how astounded or flabbergasted you may feel. Shame it has that effect on you.

I didn't assign failure to Dan thank you very much.

To imply what I should do is quite amusing, but I'll say thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Denigrating another style of Aikido is at best bad manners. As I've said before it's totally unnecessary and in my view there is no excuse for so doing. It reflects badly on the person saying it.

My level of understanding on this kind of Aikido is indeed very high, much higher in fact than you even dare to believe I would say according to your reactions. However, for me to comment on your style from the view of expertise on it would be really stupid of me.In fact it would be quite arrogant wouldn't you say?

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