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Re: Why did O'Sensei create aikido?

Aiki-Budoh or Aikido? Huh?

Maybe we have forgotten in our iconization of Ueshiba, that he in fact was competitive and prideful.

Did the little old man change or did the events of his day change him?

How many times does an addict, criminal or rebel "find God", and declare his actions the divine work.

Sorry, let's not forget the very influential nuclear pre-emptives,
hence pre-war and post-war "views and attitudes'.

Everyone takes from this art that which they want. So would it be fair to say that, if I chose to take the physical attitude and hone it to whatever level of effectiveness I am able to attain, I am a lesser example of a compassionate human being?

Or should I be professing that harmony and compassionate for those who choose to do me harm. Screw them, they should have heeded the warning, " In your own best interest, I would use the next five seconds to get the f**k as far away from me as you possibly can! "

Everyone chooses their own goal, and some folks should quit pushing the peace, love and yada-yada song-and-dance.

I will never wish ill on anyone, but some of you need the experience of a knock-down, drag-out to un-ass your thinking that peace and love will conquer all.

A well rounded aikidoka/martial artist, knows when to avoid confrontation, how to use interpersonal communication, and to engage the enemy. With each plateau of engagement, you can be victorious...the question is at which plateau your enemy will decide to let you be victorious.

Sorry for the rant, just my opinion...and I already know it stinks.

Train well,

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