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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

Hi Charles,

That view was actually Giancarlo's. I can't say I fully agree with his division and/or of his understanding of both types of tradition. I tend to feel things are a bit more complicated and thus try not to speak in terms of koryu and/or of gendai budo. I tried to work with what he was saying as a working definition.

That said, if that is something you'd like to pull out of this discussion, I can say the following regarding such things in relation to what we do at our dojo. At our dojo, there is also one way of doing a given technique. This "one way" is a matter of consistency regarding both the martial and the physical sciences. In that sense, we have a singular thing that we do seek to pass on without variation but we do so for scientific reasons. Thus, I'd say we are tradition-based without being traditionalistic. As far as the sensei-nage-uke relationships - we are kind of in the middle here because I, as sensei, participate as a practitioner in every class. So, as with all participants, I am taking ukemi 50% of every class hour. Regardless of the trend, and/or of how many important practitioners do otherwise, I feel it is vital to a dojo's overall health that a teacher present his/her body as uke 50% of every training hour.

For your other point:

Well, we have actually made no changes - now completing our second month of this new phase in our dojo's path. I think we've gotten 8 to 10 new members in that first six weeks. However, I think it is too early to tell how much of what we accomplished before was a matter of our small-close-knit group or of our attempts to be well-thought out in whatever we are doing or being. Right now however things look well - with us not appearing to have to make changes at all - not structurally at least (meaning, I am however pressed by a lot more labor to get the job done and done in the right way). An interesting point, the children's program has actually given us a lot more freedom regarding our way of understanding budo and budo training. The kids program is an extension of our adult training. It is a way of giving back to the community at large - doing our tending of the garden ( However, it's actually showing a great financial potential at the same time. This financial potential, how shall I say this, is sure making it easy to be more "honest" regarding training in the adult program. There is a new "freedom" to teaching now - one I cannot honestly say was there before. It is not that I am doing something or anything different, it is that it is so much easier now to do the same thing. lol I'll have to let you know how things pan out in a year or so. For right now, like I said, our program has remained unchanged - this though we are showing growth and great potential for further growth.


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