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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines


I hate to seem pedantic (one of the qualities of a pedagogue) but the following does not seem to make sense to me:
In my opinion, if we truly want to drop the baggage of impotent paradigms, we should do the same and practice more servitude throughout our pedagogies.
In my mind 'servitude' is not normally a positive thing, and I'm not sure even if it was how it would be applied throught a pedagogy, and then how that would help in dropping the baggage of impotent paradigms.

I realise that I have just picked on a small part of a very long and interesting dialogue, and apologise for this bit of nit-picking, but when I read it my brain had a mini meltdown trying to make it all fit.

A little clarification might go a long way in helping me understand what was meant.


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