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Re: Ichi no ken ?

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Okay, seriously...who told my instructors that I have been trolling on the forums about aiki-ken without having actually done Saito's kata? Because just last night I actually did a couple of them for the first time.
Well, some instructors just ... 'know' these things

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I think what is happening here is the instructor is executing a technique called a nagashi that is present in Shinkage ryu and Kashima styles. It's not a block in the sense that you apply counterforce to halt your opponents attack. It's more a way to negate an attack in such a way that an opening is created that can be instantly exploited.
Yes, except: (Unless my sword training is v.questionible) would one do that in a v.casual stance, hold the sword in a way (straight / horizontal) that is very difficult to stop a stong blow, not move off line, etc ?

Some, in this exercise, seem to want to cut straight back from this positon, expecting the other to move back and recieve the cut down their sword, with the hands out of range from the cut. Except they started that cut with my sword 1 inch from their head ... all I have to do is move off line to the outside and cut down their face, turn to my right - their outside - meet their cut and exit.

I am starting to wonder if I have been shown a corrupted or at least misunderstood exercise. The only point I can see is if the original statement holds true, beginers wacking practice and DONT hit my head.
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I believe you are correct that there is a lot going on about maai and that both partners are supposed to maintain a certain maai throughout the kata. This probably means that the nagashi is never "fully realized." But it is still THERE, in a way that traditional kumitachi have layers of unrevealed techniques.

Anyway, some visual aids. First, I think what you are referring to is what the guy on the right does at about 00:18 of this clip:

Now look at what the guy on the right (but actually both of them) do at about 00:16 of this clip of Kashima Shinto Ryu:
I can see the similarity but it looks totally different. The guy in the vid isnt just standing there with the end of the sword over his forehead and staying on line.
That vid move reminds me of ; One cuts to the head, the other thrusts to the throat, moves off line, cuts under the arm muscle as the others sword descends (and here is that pose from the vid) moves slightly more off the line and from this position thrusts into the head through the ear or continues the movement around into a diagonal cut down - virtually from the rear (again sorry about my lack of correct Japanese fencing terminology).
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