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Re: Did some Daito-Ryu last night

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
Do you know what style of DR it is? How was the practice similar to your Aikido practice and how was it different?

Good to hear you enjoyed yourself.
Sorry he told me the name but I didn't pay much attention to it I was just happy to do a DR class. He said that the master from Japan comes out every 6 months or so and that he is about 86 I think he said.

To compare it to my aikido training is hard because I only did 1 two hour class and they did a small demo for me so it is not like I got to do a lot. The style and techniques seemed very similar. We worked on a lot of aiki techniques and principles both seated and standing that seemed the same and I did pretty well with them. The techniques where all a little different and with slightly different names.

We worked on 3 of there basic techniques:

The first was against a standing shomonichi, It was basicly an ikkyo but done very different. You enter and stop the attack with your back hand not your front, to the underside of the elbow and or tricep and break there balance, followed very quickly by an atemi with closed fist but you strike with your thumb, to either the pressure point under the arm or the hart. Then you do your ikkyo bringing them to the ground but it is not an omote or ura, its somewhere in the middle. And the pin is done standing with there arm up. You hook your heel of your foot around there shoulder and into there collar bone. I felt like this pin would be much harder to do in a fight then a basic ikkyo but it was fun. In fact they later showed me in the demo several advanced classic jujutsu pins where they had both arms and legs pined, they were cool but I some them as not realistic for Self defence.

The 2nd was against a yokomon, you open and enter both arms extended slightly with or like knife or sword edge out. When you enter step behind the leg of the attacker, bring your ki down, rotate hips, grab wrist and throw. I have done this in Aikido class before. Here they really emphasized not distance or no openings.

The 3rd was standing front shoulder or lapel grab. This is very different then how we do it in aikido. One fire strike with both hands one goes to the elbow of the arm that is grabbing you but not just a strike, it is more of a push strike toward or though the shoulder to break there balance the other hand strikes up thru there face. Then bring that hand back down striking there nose, then the other hand strikes downward to the top of the elbow of the grabbing hand. Then do nikkyo, then ikkyo etc.

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