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Re: Advice on Schools of Aikido

Ben White wrote: View Post
Thank you! I admit that I am reading stuff from various sources and it does get confusing! Thank you all for the video's, links and advice it is very much appreciated!
I would not read 'too much' right for as you have noticed... it just gets confusing.

Start with how Mary suggested by contacting one teacher arrange to watch a class or even two (I watched over a weeks worth before I joined my dojo) and repeat this with as many dojo's as you are interested and then you be able to make the best decision for yourself with that experience and information. Perhaps prepare a short list of questions for anything you are curious about.

Be honest in your goals if asked by the teachers of these dojo's as it goes a long way towards them understanding what you are searching for and they will hopefully be equally honest in their responses if they have what you are looking for.

Going slightly beyond your question: even once you begin your training.. reading :stuff: on the internet can and will be confusing. Too many differences in vocabulary and 'conceptual' Aikido will leave you with more questions that you or your teacher may be prepared to answer. (I try to see what is similar more than what is different, common ground is always best.)

The key will be patience and remembering to just have fun with it. Learning curves and plateaus will happen and they are just part of the process.

Good luck and have fun.
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