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Re: Neat ways to set up Kubinage...

Joe Curran;28211What shoulder throw are you referring to ?Ippon Seoi Nage or Morote Seoi Nage? Or the variation Seoi otoshi [ my own Tokui waza wrote:
.None of these waza applies pressure on the neck area as in Kubi Nage.
I'm referring to any version of seoi nage but maybe seoi otoshi even more. It seems to me the danger of landing on your head and breaking your neck is greater than with the kubinage, especially as those kids were doing it. And while there is danger of straining the neck or worse if uke isn't off balance, I think the greater danger is in being thrown right on your head.

I trained in judo waza for many years before I got shodan in Japan, training under Minoru Mochizuki.

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