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Re: Neat ways to set up Kubinage...

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But what about seoi nage? Kids learn that in Japan from kindergarten age and it seems to leave the head and neck in greater danger than the type of kubinage they show.


What shoulder throw are you referring to ?Ippon Seoi Nage or Morote Seoi Nage? Or the variation Seoi otoshi [ my own Tokui waza].None of these waza applies pressure on the neck area as in Kubi Nage.If Tori applies torsion on the neck of Uke, the neck
can break.Seoi Nage the head is almost all the time clear.If anyting a badly executed seoi nage usually injures the collar bone.Collar bone damage is one of the primary injuries in Judo.
Are you a judoka?I have trained with Minatoya, Saburo Matsushita, Kisaburo Watanabe and K.Abbe Sensei [many years ago.] amongst other judoka.My career spanned 13 years then
met I Chiba Sensei [1970].As they say the rest is history----
Cheers, Joe.
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