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Re: Neat ways to set up Kubinage...

Monty Collier wrote: View Post
An old timer told me this was the old snap mare takeover. He said he learned it at the boys club back in the 1950's.
Is he right???

Watch that vicious ear-pull finisher at the 2:40 mark!

Oh, there's a head plant at the 5:40 mark!!!
Maybe this can be dangerous in the wrong hands!!!
Look at that guys face!
Good thing he got tossed on a spring loaded floor.

At the 6:20 mark there's a mysterious masked man!
Anyone train with a mask at their dojo?
What if your sensei started wearing a pro-wrestling mask?
How cool would that be?
No I don't need one, I'm ugly enough as it is.....

Have to admit it looks like fun and that nice bouncy ring!! I'd be up for it!!

I think as long as people take care Joe there isn't any harm in it.
I've used in randori once or twice, it isn't allowed Tomiki sport wise technically speaking, but makes a nice variation from time to time.....
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