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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Is the Goal of Aikido to reach another plane?


Am I too late on this thread?
If you mean parallel universes, I think they are there and accessible, in meditation, in dreams, and soon perhaps via a machine.

See: Princeton/Harvard Physics Professor Lisa Randall "warped passages: unravelling the mysteries of the universe's hidden dimensions" (harper, NY,NY, 2005)

Different planes during practice? No, one mind in the here and now yet "moon over the water" (munenori)

Different stages of conscious/mental/spiritual development?
YES #1 - for instance moving from a mechanical to a fluid and finally a gaseous state in the practice of the art (Edmund Parker)
YES #2 - moving from a mindset of "death dealing sword" to a "life giving sword" to a "no sword" to a "no conflict" way. (munenori)
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