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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.


Completely understand what you are saying, and don't really mean to take it out of context...

Where I would have a problem with this comment by Gozo Shioda Sensei is if it was all inclusive of everything.

To me, at least, aikido is not a stylistic set of moves/techniques that we apply, but simply a training methodology that best conveys the philosophical intent of the founder and his disciples. Therefore, to me, that comment would never apply to any thing or any fight since you cannot label "this is aikido" and "this isn't aikido". It is simply a methodolgy for training.

so therefore, aikido principles may be applied in a fight...along with many other universal principles, but aikido itself can never work in a fight because there is no such thing as aikido in practical application.

It is pointless to say aikido works or does not work in a is the fighter who works or does not work in a fight.

That said, I am sure the Gozo Shioda Sensei meant that aikido must follow the correct universal principles, therefore if it works, then the technique is following the correct universal principles, therefore, it must be aikido. The logic of the argument is 100% correct. I am just saying you cannot label it aikido in a fight.

Hope this makes some sense!
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