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Re: New Aikido Dojo Opening in Houston, TX

Hi Guys,

Don't get me wrong. I am not having a go at Jorge or anyone, in fact I sent an email of best wishes to them when they started their dojo (last year I think), but I am interested in the replication of a name.

I was in the Shudokan for a number of years and following from Thamby Sensei and Stratton Sensei my dojo were named "Shudokan" as that was the name of the way I followed. I am now in a different organisation in the Yoshinkan and hope to be starting a new dojo soon and wondered about a name.

I am still totally loyal to Thamby Sensei and my late teacher Stratton Sensei, although I am no longer in the UK school. I won't use Shudokan though, as I think it would confuse, like Steven said.

So please, don't think I was "having a go", but I would really like to know people's opinions on dojo name duplication.

Best wishes Jorge, and good luck.



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