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Re: New Aikido Dojo Opening in Houston, TX

Hi Si,

When I first started to read this announcement, I thought it was a Yoshinkan group and got all excited because of Parker Sensei being in Houston. But alas, it is not so.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for multiple organizations/schools to use the same romanji for their school name. I've lost count on how many shobukan, seidokan and seibukan names are out there. In fact, within Yoshinkan, there are multiple schools with the same name, but their kanji is different. There are two Seikeikan's. Mine being the first IYAF registered, the other being in Canada. No relation other than both being IYAF and their instructor being better looking than me. But that's another story.

As for Yoshinkan, there is a Yoshinkan Karate and countless numbers of Yoshin Ryu schools.

It's all in the kanji, but I understand the spirit of your note.

... Steven
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